Learn more about what issues we have come across the most while we're out canvassing the district. If you want to learn more about others issues or where I stand on a particular issue please feel free to reach out. 


Disregarding our public schools is not only a disservice to our teachers, staff and students, but also to our families and communities that rely on strong public education programs. These programs include but are not limited to full day Kindergarten, preschool, and free and reduced lunch.

  1. We need to restore funding to our public education system which includes pay for teachers, staff and for more resources in the classroom.
  2. It is wrong to line the pockets of charter and private schools with taxpayer dollars. We need to end Vouchers and ESAs that do this.
  3. End the cycle of the school to prison pipeline. The use of "zero-tolerance" rules within schools that criminalize minor offenses.
  4. Giving students alternative solutions to traditional education is vital. Increasing access to more CTE, JTED and technological courses that will prepare students for the future.
  5. Higher education is far to expensive and inaccessible for many people. Restoring funding back into the communities colleges is vital to not only those continuing their education after high school but also to those going back to school to possibly earn their first degree. Universities need to more accessible and affordable to those who want to go to college like DACAmented students.



Being healthy should not only be accessible to those that can afford it. Without an appropriate healthcare solution it puts an undue stress on our economy.

  1. Reforming our Medicaid program is vital so that we can properly expand Medicaid to capture those families and individuals that are still falling through the cracks.
  2. Getting rid of the private prison system, reform the criminal (in)justice system, and healthcare within our prison system. Breaking the cycle of million dollar blocks and vilifying communities.
  3. With heat and drought a factor in Arizona, we need to build long term resiliency plans to help combat the effects of drought and heat in Arizona.
  4. Encourage fossil fuel alternatives to increase the use of renewable energy powered vehicles and homes. Making these options more accessible and affordable.
  5. Support the Clean Water Act and EPA regulations on our tap water.
  6. Eliminating food deserts that widely affect families living in urban areas of the valley making access to affordable and healthy food extremely difficult especially those who have to rely on public transportation in the Arizona heat.



Families and individuals that work full time should not have to worry about providing for themselves and their families. We need to refocus on the working poor, middle class and marginalized communities.

  1. Ensuring that people have a livable wage, if you are working full time you shouldn’t have to struggle to provide for you and your family.
  2. Making corporations pay their fair share of taxes and close corporate loopholes that allow them to pay less than individuals pay on their income tax.
  3. Strengthen families and the workforce by having paid family leave, especially for those that have just had a child or adopted a child.
  4. Give back employees the opportunity for collective bargaining, employer-contractor misclassification/wage theft and the right to request predictable schedules.

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