Another way to have a positive effect on marginalized families was to change the framework of policies
that dictate the resources allocated for this majority. By reinvesting in our education system, Promoting the importance of healthy families and advocating for an equitable economy for all. I want to become not only a voice of reason but also a megaphone for everyone within our community. I know that I do not have all the answers but that’s where you come in. I want to work together with you building bridges and empowering you, ensuring your voice is heard. Working together as a community is
the only way that we can truly create change.



Disregarding our public schools is not only a disservice to our teachers, administrators and staff. It deeply affects families, communities and the children attending these schools.



Living a healthy lifestyle should not only be accessible to those that can afford it. Without access to an appropriate healthcare solution it puts an undue stress on our economy.  



Families that are working full time or have multiple jobs should not be without healthcare or struggle to provide for their families. We need to refocus on the working poor, middle class and marginalized communities.

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