Meet Matt

I was raised by a single mother for a majority of my childhood she demonstrated what it meant to
work hard and she reminded me and my brothers of the importance of getting an education. As I’ve
grown I have come to learn that my experience was not unique. That every day, there are numerous
families in this situation with their own unique experience and story to tell. My experience instilled in
me a passion to help those that were often left in the margins of our communities. I realized this passion
early on and had the opportunity to work with families and individuals with disabilities during high
school and through college.

I began working within the non-profit sector. During that time I had a chance to support families that
relied on resources from not only organizations like the one I worked for but also from the education
system and the state. Many of these families were usually in need of more support from the institutions
around them but were often not given the tools or resources to become self-supporting.

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